Grab your lab coat. The hunt is on.

Hybrid Hunt is a zany, ruthless, imaginative tabletop card game that makes you laugh, strategize, and learn more about the animal kingdom…as well as the dastardly potential it holds.

Send in a playtest survey by January 31, 2020 and
be entered to win a free Hybrid Hunt game!*

*Prize dependent on successful Kickstarter campaign. If Kickstarter is unsuccessful,
another prize of equal value will be awarded.


You have questions? We have answers.

We are currently finishing playtesting and fundraising for Hybrid Hunt. As a result, our release date is rather fluid. Stay informed by following us on Instagram or join our Hybrid Hunt Facebook group.

Hybrid Hunt contains images of weapons and fighting scenes, but absolutely no gore (not a drop of blood in sight). All violence is implied and safely contained in the player’s imagination. There are also no swear words in the literature or flavor text. We recommend that players be 12 and up, given the subject matter. If you and your children are comfortable with the images and text on the website, you’ll be comfortable with the game itself.

The length of each game depends on how many players you have and how indecisive they are, but a game of six players generally lasts a little over an hour. Though, I’m sure with your epic leet skillz, you could win in half that time.

There are six available lab assistants to play with, so 2-6 players. However, the back pages of the instruction booklet contain some alternate modes of gameplay that can incorporate more than six players or a single player.

We recommend thoroughly reading the instructions before your first playthrough. At first the mechanics may seem complex, but players often get the hang of it after a few rounds of play. The game box also includes some handy order-of-play cards to assist newcomers to the game.

We’d love for you to spread the word about Hybrid Hunt to your friends, family, and followers. However, please make sure Hybrid Hunt is clearly credited in any and all posts. Dr. Malone would throw a fit if his precious hybrids were claimed as belonging to someone else.